V6 Heizblock für Einschub Sensor

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This heater block works with our New Standard thermistor sensor for V6... Along with our other temperature sensor cartridges, this now allows you easily swap to use our high temperature, high accuracy PT100 temperature sensors on your E3D-v6 HotEnd, or a Type-K Thermistor cartridge, instead of a thermistor. These heater blocks are extremely similar to the standard E3D-v6 heater block, but instead of a hole sized for a thermistor with a clamping washer these blocks have a hole sized for the PT100 sensor, and use an M3 grub screw to quickly and easily secure or release the sensor. Supplied with an M3 Grub screw to secure the PT100, and an M3 Socket Screw to clamp the heater cartridge.

Genuine Reseller

E3D Genuine Reseller

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This Heater block is compatible with the E3D ecosystem of Hot Ends and nozzles. It does NOT fit a Cyclops Hot End or Volcano nozzles. V5 and V6 Heater Blocks are cross compatible as both use an M6 thread. Note that V6 heater blocks are 0.5mm shorter than V5.

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