Titan Aero Gold

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The classic E3D Titan Aero upgraded with an ultra quiet Noctua fan, a hardened steel nozzle and hobb, a copper alloy block, and a high precision heater cartridge.

The Titan Aero Gold has been engineered to excel against abrasives using the highest quality parts from E3D. We’ve upgraded the following stock parts to evolve this HotEnd extrusion system:

01. Noctua Fan

The most desirable fan in 3D printing - renowned for its efficiency, you can count on this fan to significantly reduce noise levels. 

02. Golden Heatsink

Be seen from a mile away with this golden anodised heatsink. The Gold Aero retains the Titan Aero’s perfected internal geometries which make printing flexible filaments a breeze.

03. Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy Block

This block is perfect for retaining heat and repels sticky filaments more effectively than our standard aluminium block.

04. Hardened Steel Nozzle and Hobb

By switching to hardened steel versions there will be no degradation when faced with abrasive filaments, this pair will last you a lifetime.

05. High Precision Heater Cartridge

A powerful heater with improved reliability and highly precise temperature output.

*Warning* the 24V version of this product contains a 12V fan. The fan cable supplied with the 24V version of this product contains a Zener diode which drops the voltage to 12V, allowing it to operate in a 24V system. Not using the supplied cable may result in damage to fan.

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Hersteller E3D
Filament Durchmesser 1.75mm
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1 x Gold anodised Titan heatsink

1 x 12V Noctua fan

1 x Cable with connector for Noctua fan (24V versions come with a Zener diode)

1 x 30W High precision heater cartridge

1 x High precision cable

1 x V6 Heat break

1 x Plated copper heater block

1 x V6 Hardened steel nozzle (1.75mm, 0.4mm)

1 x Titan extruder fixings kit

1 x Molex cable

1 x Thermistor cartridge

1 x Hardened steel Titan hobb

1 x Titan bearing

1 x Thermal compound paste

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