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PolyFlex™ is a highly flexible yet easy to print 3D printing material. Featuring good elasticity and a large strain-to- failure, PolyFlex™ opens up a completely new realm of applications.

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Recommended printing temperature:
220 – 235 °C (Diameter of 1.75 mm)
220 – 235 °C (Diameter of 2.85 mm)

Recommended 3D print speed:
30 – 90 mm/s

Recommended heated bed temperature
Not Required

Build platform
All our products work well with common build plate surfaces such as the blue tape, Kapton tape, glass, etc. H

More details
looking for more information on PolyFlex™ then you can download the material’s Technical Data Sheet or Product Info Sheet. Or go to Resources page to download all in one folder.

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